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Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities

Dr. Madore is a mentor, and Fellowship Co-Director, in the Sierra Pacific Mental Illness Research Education & Clinical Center. Application cycle typically opens in late fall of each year with the deadline in early to mid-December. More information can be found here. Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Madore with questions regarding this Fellowship opportunity.

Supplemental Clinical Research Practicum

Graduate students are welcome to contact Dr. Madore to participate in a supplemental clinical research practicum experience. Students will gain experience in a variety of research and clinical skills, including but not limited to:

  • Neuropsychological assessment and related activities

  • Neuropsychological assessment report writing

  • Participate in a variety of didactic experiences

  • Development of projects from archival data

  • Neuroimaging

  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation

  • Scientific poster presentation

  • Data entry and analysis

  • Manuscript preparation

Preferred time commitment is between 8 - 12 hours per week of which one hour is required individual supervision.

Remote training opportunities for research skills are available. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and limited based on the supervisor's ability to provide supervision and training. 

For in-person practicum, while a large number of assessment hours are not likely, trainees will leave with a minimum of one sample report which may be used for internship and/or practicum applications.

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